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A portion of the proceeds from the sales made through our website, will be donated toward research for Scoliosis, Kyphosis and Posture, as well as donations toward Ocean protection and restoration. 



 Excite and inspire a deeper understanding of scoliosis, kyphosis, posture and breath work!

Empowering courses for individuals, parents and kids new to scoliosis or kyphosis. 

Clinical continuing education for licensed healthcare providers introductory and certification courses.  

Move postural awareness forward with our Signature Dance Inspired Choreographed Exercise routines.  



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Consulting and Coaching 

Coaching to help you achieve your postural goals!

Consulting and Coaching for Licensed Healthcare Providers wishing to Uplevel their clinical practice and include a clinical specialty! 

We take on a limited number of Coaching and Consulting Clients each Month.

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Do you enjoy music and dancing? 

Our programs include our unique signature dance inspired choreographed exercise routines set to music and are designed to work well across the lifespan.  Dance inspired postural exercises enhance the learning experience! 

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Our breath moves in and out of us, like the waves of the Ocean.  Breathing and the Ocean waves, energetically, are both rhythmic life forces, always moving--in and out.  Our courses include access to our holistic breathwork exercises. Our programs are designed to encourage conscious, powerful, therapeutic practice and purposeful usage of our natural breath-energy. Enter our course section today and explore the opportunity to unlock the rhythm of your breathing! 

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